raylib is a simple and easy-to-use library to learn videogames programming.
Download raylib Windows Installer (v1.4.0)

raylib is highly inspired by Borland BGI graphics lib and by XNA framework. Allegro and SDL have also been analyzed for reference.

NOTE for ADVENTURERS: raylib is a programming library to learn videogames programming; no fancy interface, no visual helpers, no auto-debugging... just coding in the most pure spartan-programmers way. Are you ready to learn? Jump to code examples!.

some raylib features
- Written in plain C code (C99)
- Uses C# PascalCase/camelCase notation
- Hardware accelerated with OpenGL (1.1, 3.3 or ES2)
- Unique OpenGL abstraction layer (usable as standalone module): [rlgl]
- Powerful fonts module with SpriteFonts support (XNA fonts, AngelCode fonts, TTF)
- Outstanding texture formats support, including compressed formats
- Basic 3d support for Geometrics, Models, Heightmaps and Billboards
- Shaders support, including Model shaders and Postprocessing shaders
- Powerful math module for Vector and Matrix operations [raymath]
- Audio loading and playing with streaming support (WAV and OGG)
- Custom color palette for fancy visuals on raywhite background
- Multiplatform support, including Android, Raspberry Pi and HTML5

raylib architecture raylib architechture

Wanna see all functions available in raylib? CHECK CHEATSHEET

raylib is open-source and free to use. View license.

raylib supporters on patreon

The following people is supporting raylib project on patreon. Many thanks to all of them for believing in the project and contributing to it.

- Adrian Guerrero

- Dani Gómez

- Marc Agüera

- Sergio Martínez

And a very special thanks to Pau Fernandez (@pauek) for his generous contribution.